Principal's Message

Mrs.Anju Mehta (Principal)

Welcome to DCG School

Dear Parents,

Every student is “a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education alone can cause it to reveal its treasures and enable mankind to benefit these from". The last few months have been trying times for one and all. It gives me pleasure to inform that even as there has been a paradigm shift in the way we are teaching - from a ‘chalk n talk’ kind of system to a more technologically. Integrated classroom - our academic calendar has gone uninterrupted and there has been no lockdown to learning. And this has been possible only because the school embraces the dynamic values of positive energy. With a steadfast commitment, we have prepared our young students to be a vibrant force to reckon with. This, of course, coupled with a great environment, good faculty, innovative pedagogy, and supportive parents can foster a spirit ‘to do and to succeed’.

We ensure a great future for them as they metamorphose from being the young, diffident caterpillars into confident creatures. Our effort has always been to ensure that they acquire new skills and new knowledge in order to see the world of possibilities. We emphasize on learning by doing and instill in them the faith to believe in life’s goodness.

We wish that each student grows into a beautiful soul who walks tall in the multitude!

God Bless You Always

Mrs.Anju Mehta